“Rebirth: from grass to grace” an autobiograpby by actress Juliana Olayode

August 10th, 2017 | by Sidomex
“Writing this book brought me a mix of emotions. I cried hard, laughed hard, smiled, giggled…and had to forgive some people over and again.”


Nollywood actress Julian Olayode has released an autobiography, which she titled “Rebirth: from grass to grace“. The actress announced the news to fans via her Instagram account. Her post implied that she might have been a victim of child sexual abuse.


The autobiography is an e-book in pdf format and will be available for download from 16th August 2017. It is published by The Love factory.



Actress Juliana Olayode hints of sexual abuse in Woman Crush Wednesday post


Read Olayode’s post.



I am finally naked, but unashamed. You have been asking me what #rebirth is. Now, you know! I have been counting down, for months, to the release of my book, Rebirth!
I fought the idea when it was suggested; I did not want to spill my beans for the world to read. Social media celebrity attacks are vicious enough already, why add more fuel to the fire?

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I eventually gave in though. Why? Because I want you to know me. I want you to know I am just like you. I failed, struggled, and faltered like you, but in the end, my story changed in untold ways.

I shared very personal details; hawking on the streets, suffering sexual abuses, dropping out of school, failing at auditions and more.
I cried a lot while writing this book. I also smiled and laughed. I am sure you would tell me you did the same after reading the book.

It is my utmost desire that reading Rebirth would be a major turning point in your life. If Juliana Olayode, once a beggar on the streets, could become the celebrated figure she is today, across the world, then you have no excuse to settle for anything short of GREATNESS!”

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