“Stick your job up your arse” and “worst boss ever’’ scrawled on Mercedes

October 12th, 2017 | by Sidomex
“Stick your job up your arse” and “worst boss ever’’ scrawled on Mercedes

One disgruntled employee has covered their boss’ white Mercedes with graffiti.


Some of the angry words written on the body of the expensive German machine included “worst boss ever” and “up yours, I quit”. The defacer’s identity was not made known.

However, some people are speculating that the sprayed graffiti may well be a publicity stunt to raise the car maker’s profile, allegations that a spokesman for Mercedes said that “it’s nothing to do with us”.

Then again maybe someone was really genuinely, totally pissed off and needed to discharge steam somehow by burning their bridges and risking criminal damage charges along the way? Apparently!


Picture by Michelle Bunyan/Guzelian


Michelle Bunyan, a passer by told Metro UK: who walked past the car on her way to walk, said: “I think that’s either one sour employee and will look good on their CV and a smart move towards unemployment for life or a good advert similar to what Range Rover did a few months back. Why do people see different colours?

Another commuter, who preferred to be anonymous said: ‘It definitely gave me and my colleagues a good giggle this morning.’

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But some thinks it’s a publicity stunt, similar to one pulled a few months back by Range Rover. : “I think this is a stunt as my friend also saw this car in Albion Street this morning.’



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