Little girl, her brother and neighbor die in fire out break

February 22nd, 2018 | by Yusuf Zay
Little girl, her brother and neighbor die in fire out break
Reports have it that two children were recently killed in a fire outbreak.

It is alleged that father of the children while leaving for work in the morning sent his younger brother to get fuel, the brother bought the fuel and gave to his little niece who was 3 years old to keep behind the house.

While taking the fuel home thinking it was ordinary water, the fuel mistakenly got spilt close to where someone was cooking, the little girl immediately caught fire, her immediate elder brother who was 6 years while attempting to save her also caught fire too.



A neighbour who saw the incident and went to their rescue also went up in flames.

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Reports have it that the little girl died instantly, while the elder brother who happens to be the only son of his family died later at the hospital along with the neighbour.


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  1. Imaobong Uwah says:

    Gosh, Lord have mercy. May their souls rest in peace.


    • MALIK BALAM says:

      This is so


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