Media personality, Sola Salako reacts to RCCG’s new genital law

May 22nd, 2018 | by Doye Alaba
Media personality, Sola Salako reacts to RCCG’s new genital law
Media personality, Sola Salako Ajulo, in a post shared on her Facebook page, says the church has no business in marriage and that their involvement over the years has messed up many marriages.

Sola Salako said this while reacting to the new law in RCCG where intending couples are to undergo genital examination as part of their pre-marital assessment.

Usually, I won’t comment on religious post because I know emotions run deep and it is usually difficult for people to be objective, but this is kind of extreme.

“It is time for the Church to stop usurping the role of the family in marriage. Marriage, as designed by God, is a union of two families. There is nowhere in scripture where the church was the endorsing or approving authority in marriage!

“The church’s role is to teach believers to live according to the commandments of God whether in marriage or out of it! Too many marriages are messed up because the Church is meddling outside its divine jurisdiction! This embarrassment has to stop! Now!” she wrote.

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