Nollywood Actor Uti Nwachukwu poses question on tithing

Popular actor, model and presenter Uti Nwachukwu asked a really profound question  yesterday via social media which introduced a whole new perspective to the tithing issue.


He wants to know if first fruits and tithes paid to church can be given to parents instead.

He writes:

“ALSO OUR TITHEs…..what if we gave them to our PARENTS ALSO…….I really want to rub minds with deep thinking mature Individuals. Cos this has been on my mind. Lets have those who are for it give valid reasons and those who are not for it also give valid reasons …WITHOUT CONDEMNATION/INSULTS /JUDGEMENTAL WORDS…Thanks guys. ..????????”



    Now if you aint willing to pay 20000 that you ought to and you want to pay 10000..that 10000 wont be enough to pay your pastor ..
    Now its better you make God happy by putting smile on other people who needs financial aid because God said GIVERS NEVER LACK..
    You give 5000 to church and the remaining to your parents if they don’t have..
    If they have,you give it to the orphanage

  2. They will instead pay 10,000 which is not the supposed amount..
    So since he’s paying 10000 instead of 20000,
    Its better he pay 5000 in church then the other 5000 to motherless babby

  3. Now the big question is..HOW WE PAY WHAT WE SUPPOSE TO PAY…
    Some earning 200,000 monthly won’t love to pay 20000 to church for tithe

  4. Tithe was introduced by God..it should be paid to church every month thus fulfilling our promise and asking God to gives us more..

  5. the moment one becomes born again, he becomes bereft of commonsense.

    The only thing these Pastors have done is amass so much wealth a contribute less than 1% to a few poor people. You call that taking of the poor?

  6. Jesus instructed us specifically to give to the poor. He laid emphasis on it in Matthew 25. I’d rather give to one who doesn’t have, and have my mind at rest, than give to a pastor way way richer than me. I know you’d say you don’t give to pastors but God. But you don’t also give to the poor but God.

  7. Do whatever you want with your money, but if your parents are suffering and you are giving your first fruit to a pastor, then you’ll suffer punishment in this world and the next.

  8. What about the beggars on the street? What about the children hawking on the roadside?
    What about the public dead schools that don’t have chairs or windows or books or resources?
    What about the patch patch roads wey dey lead to your house?
    There are better things to do with your tithe than giving pilots of planes and vcs of private universities

  9. I do not tithe.

    I stopped tithing many years ago.

    My Church is wealthy,and will be okay without my TITHES. So,every month without failing , i look for a charitable deed to do from giving to Homeless homes, Orphanages, random people in need and so on.

    I do not keep the 10%.

    But I give it directly to the needy. The day my Church (MFM)can show what they do with Tithes and Love offering they keep collecting every Sunday, I might change my mind.

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