Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli caught up in sex scandal

February 6th, 2018 | by Yusuf Zay
Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli caught up in sex scandal
Recently a sex tape of Dele Alli, a Tottenham and England midfielder surfaced online.


The sex tape shows the 21-year-old midfielder with an unknown woman. He is seen receiving oral sex in the short clip.

It’s unclear who shot the video in the first place. It’s also unclear who released the video to the public.

The filming of the event appeared to be with the consent of the Tottenham star and the woman but its somehow clear that the video seems to be from a long time ago as Dele Alli was tattoo-less, unlike these days where the Tottenham star has added plenty of ink to his body.

The video which has since gone viral on social media has triggered mixed reactions as some football fans claim it could be the end of his budding career. Yet, some think it’s his private affairs not subject to public scrutiny. Moreover, it was not like the young footballer was cheating on a partner.

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  1. Imaobong Uwah says:

    No such thing as bad publicity. He’s a talented footballer and with a scandal like this, he’d begin to get the media hype deserved


    • sandra akomas says:

      Na wow must they show this what is it for I don’t understand how some people behv


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