Interview with Imaobong Uwah, winner of the Sidomex Mobile Giveaway Promo

February 19th, 2018 | by Yusuf Zay
Interview with Imaobong Uwah, winner of the Sidomex Mobile Giveaway Promo
Congratulations to Imaobong Uwah, for her patronage and participation in our recently concluded Sidomex Weekly Mobile Giveaway Challenge which she won.


Our last winner, Imaobong and I had a chat when she came to redeem her prize during the weekend and as expected, it was interesting, fun and all round entertaining.

But don’t take my word for it, take hers!

When asked to introduce herself, she says:

My name is Imabong Uwah, I’m a final year student of geophysics at the University of Lagos.”

Me: Final year? That means we’ll be coming to eat convocation rice soon right?

Imaobong: “(Laughs) Yes. I’ll invite you all.”


On what she does for fun, the soon to be geophysicist says:

My hobbies are reading, surfing the net and playing games.

On how she came into contact with the blog, she goes:

I actually heard about Sidomex from my sister who is an avid fan, after the release of the Alter Ego movie. I brushed it aside, I didn’t take you guys serious until I heard about the contest (chuckles).”

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On the featured stories, Imaobong says:

I like the blog. I like the way you guys spin the stories, especially the entertainment ones. It’s very straightforward and interesting.”


When asked what she likes about our blog, she says:

I like the way the stories are written. Clear, concise and detailed. And they’re always true, so I know I can trust your news, unlike numerous blogs out there that tell fake news just to increase traffic. I also love your original contents, especially Doctor Cupid (smiles).”


On if she had ever taken part in any contest before, Imaobong replies:

No. Never. I’ve always been sceptical, I believed most contests online are bias and the prizes are awarded to the people whom they know.”

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ME: (Sarcastically) Do you still believe that now?

Imaobong¬† laughed and replies: “No. I’m glad my sister encouraged me to take part in the contest. Now I have a new phone.”


If you could change one thing in our entertainment industry, what will it be, Imaobong says:

Content. Originality. I believe it’s one of the things holding us back. We need to be more creative. Especially with movies and music video concepts. We see something done by someone else out there, it looks good and it works for them. Then we try to do the same and it becomes our epic fail. We need to play to our strengths and create our own things as opposed to playing copycat. It’s very unoriginal.

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Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I see myself as a practising geophysicist five years from now in a reputable oil company.”

ME: I wish you all the best. Your confidence and ambition are contagious. Abeg dash me small na (laughter).

On the message she would like to share with people out there, she says:

Believe in yourself. Work hard. Don’t be too much of a sceptic like me o, or else free phone will pass you by. And most importantly visit, subscribe and stay glued to Sidomex entertainment because they are simply the best!

I certainly enjoyed chatting with her and I look forward to doing the same with whoever wins the ongoing Valentine Giveaway contest.

And here’s a bonus you probably wasn’t expecting. Enjoy.



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    See the pretty.nice


    • sabiu aliyu says:

      She knows how to dance it just not familiar with the music dance steps or probably shy


      • GIDEON OKORIE says:

        Loll I love your style


        • Imaobong Uwah says:

          Lool see me Dancing…?????@Sidomex is Bae


          • owolabi says:

            wow!!! congratulations girlie , i can see the excitement in you, And i wish my self best of luck in the valentine giveaway contest


            • Imaobong Uwah says:

              Thank You so Much @Sidomex You Guys Rock!!!


              • Yusuf Zay says:

                Check the facebook page in an hour.


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                  • hassan says:

                    Congrat umaobong,by the way I saw a video not quite long here,but I can no longer find it any more


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