5 Lies Parents tell constantly

May 16th, 2018 | by Doye Alaba
5 Lies Parents tell constantly
Parents all lie to their kids every day and they might not realise it.

According to Dr. E. Magdalena Battles, Parents may tell their children not to lie, but continually tell lies themselves. No matter how small the lie is, it teaches children to lie as well. They will think it is ok to lie since Mommy and Daddy lie.

1. We don’t have enough money for xxx

Instead of lying, explain it to your child on their level. Tell them you all want to go on vacation or use the money for certain things so we can’t go to the movies and sometimes do other things.

Help them understand that sometimes to do something really special and fun, it involves sacrifice. Not only are you teaching them a valuable life lesson, but you are also not making yourself a liar.

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2. I will be there in a minute

The most common of all lies. Yes, your intention is good. You do want to be there to tuck them in or to help them with their project or whatever it may be.

However, you are paying bills and want to finish up what you are doing. Then tell them just that. Tell them that you need to finish paying bills and then you can come to help them. Avoid the lie, by simply telling the truth and being specific.

3. It won’t hurt, I promise

They need to get a shot from the doctor, but they are screaming and you want the screaming to stop so they can get the shot.

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However, they are screaming because they know you are lying, you said it wouldn’t hurt the first time they got shots. They know better. They learned from the pain that you lied. Don’t lie. Let them know it will be a small poke, a little pain, but then its over and they get a sucker.

4. Santa Claus is watching you

Instead of threatening them with Santa not giving them gifts, take away something in the present so they know their behavior has immediate consequences. Have a realistic punishment like taking away electrics for a few hours or giving them a timeout period

5. I will never let anything bad happen to you

This may be your intention, but it may not be possible. You can’t protect your child 100% of the time. Instead, use the truth, but frame it so the child does feel protected, yet aware of real dangers.

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Say something like “I will always try to protect you, but there are bad people out there so that’s why I don’t want you to wander away from me in a store, as there are kids that are taken from their Mommies and Daddies. I am here to protect you, but if you wander away, then I am not there and you could be putting yourself in danger.



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