6 things your personal workspace says about you

May 16th, 2018 | by Doye Alaba
6 things your personal workspace says about you
From shelves lined with awards and certificates to a desk littered with bobble-heads and novelty souvenirs, they all reveal snippets of a colleagues’ personality.

For many workers, their desk is just a commodity that’s utilized to get their day job done, but in fact, your personal workspace can reveal a lot about you.

Here are the seven things your workspace might reveal about you:

1. You don’t really like entertaining

If you’ve purposely positioned your desk to face away from your peers and the doorways where guests will enter, you probably don’t like to entertain. Pair this with the fact that any nearby chairs are piled high with discarded documents and files so that no-one can sit down with you, your workspace is telling others that they’re not welcome to linger and shouldn’t stick around.

2. Your door is always open

Besides literally keeping your physical door open, there are a number of giveaway signs to indicate that you’re always happy to entertain. A dish full of sweets placed on the corner of your desk, a drawer full of painkillers and other first aid supplies, a number of chairs placed welcomingly around your workspace, and well-fed plants decorating any available surface. This is likely the place your colleagues flock to.

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3. You’re not planning on sticking around

You’ve got files piled up in boxes, your desk is lacking any kind of adornment, there are no books on your shelves and not a plant or award to be seen. Either you’ve just been fired, or you’re planning on leaving very soon and don’t feel the need to spend time making yourself at home.

4. You take yourself very seriously

You’ve had all of your degrees and certificates professionally framed and they’ve been hung up in a perfect row behind your desk; your numerous awards have been polished to a ‘T’ and placed neatly on your shelves; the same shelves are full of magazines featuring articles either about you or what you’ve contributed to; your name plaque says your full name, title, and lists your qualifications. We get it – you think you’re very important and deserve respect, but this is likely only going to turn people off.

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5. You’re a super clean freak

A clean, tidy workspace is pleasant for anyone working in or around the area, but if you keep bottles of antibacterial spray in your drawers, your desk is piled high with packets of cleaning wipes and there’s not one single item out of place beside a stash of sanitiser, your workspace is verging on actually being sterile – and that’s intimidating.

6. You’re a bit of a joker

If your workspace is littered with humorous posters, novelty souvenirs, ironic bumper stickers and bobble-heads, you probably don’t take work too seriously. To some, this could portray you as a creative and light-hearted individual, to others it might indicate a lack of focus – particularly if on the desk of a financial type.

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Getting to know your co-workers has never been easier – just look out for the giveaway signs listed above and you’ll get an overall idea of the people you’re working with.


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