For men only: Doctor Cupid’s 8 tips to handle your exes

January 10th, 2018 | by Yusuf Zay
For men only: Doctor Cupid’s 8 tips to handle your exes
Doctor Cupid
So fellas, apparently I’m the unlucky guy who gets this part of the job. Oh well, we’ll make the most of it, won’t we?


Kicking off the new year, I figured its high time we laid down some rules, just for the guys. Last year was the girls year, with them going the extra mile to stand out in every aspect of their lives, especially in their relationships with the boys or girls for that matter. Yep, I said it, kill me later!

Last year, the girl gang officially laid down some rules on how to treat their exes via tons and tons of breakup songs. Well done Taylor Swift. Well done.

I figured we men owe it to ourselves to also make some changes in the dating aspects of our lives. Come on, forget all the hard guy, strong guy wey we dey do. Some of these women don do many of us strong tin o. All I’m saying is this; new rules for the new man.

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Okay fellas, here we go. Here are eight ways to deal with your exes.

#1. Don’t pick up the phone, she only calls when she’s broke and wants a loan.

#2. Don’t be her friend, odds are she’ll talk nonstop about her new man.

#3. Don’t let her in, she only wants to hang out to piss off your new bae.

#4. It’s okay to be petty and hope that the new beau is a little bipolar.

#5. Hit the gym bruh! Show her that revenge body.

#6. Don’t get sucked into her drama. If she’s having issues with her new man, recommend a therapist. I repeat, stay clear!

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#7. No matter how tempted you are, do not block her on social media. Tag her in every photo of fun, progress and success you put up. Let her know you’re the one that got away.

#8. Finally, put yourself first. Focus on being a better and fulfilled man. It doesn’t matter if you had a part to play, it’s done. Get over it, nigga move onto the best. It can only get better.

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  1. Segun olatunde says:

    Incredible and humorous!


    • Ukie Israel says:

      Cool….I will do just that


      • castles bennet udeng says:

        Yeap that’s true


        • Katty says:

          Just have it in mind that not all girls are like you assume they are.


          • Anonymous says:

            Well I don’t agree with number 7, don’t tag her, but upload pics


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