#FamilyPlaning: How do I prevent my wife from getting pregnant, man is asking Twitter

March 9th, 2018 | by Sidomex
#FamilyPlaning: How do I prevent my wife from getting pregnant, man is asking Twitter
A man is asking the advice of twitterers on choosing a birth control method otherwise known as contraceptives for his soon-to-be wife.

According to the man, he is planning to wed his fiance in the near future, however, they have decided to delay starting a family for reasons not stated. The couple isn’t keen on using pills as a contraception of choice as they think pills are detrimental to the reproductive system. So, they are asking the school of public opinion to advise them.


Read the message, which was posted on the Twitter account of SubDeliveryZone (@SubDeliveryZone).


Oh man, abstinence, abstinence is the safest and sure way to not get your fiance pregnant until you are both ready to start raising a family.

But seriously, knowledge is power but we should be selective of where we gain our knowledge. The common sense thing would have been for this couple to go seek a qualified gynaecologist and explain their situation. The gynaecologist could then help them choose a contraceptive that would be right for the wife. That’s what doctors do, help guide one in making the right choice.

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Anyway, the asker is in luck, this writer incidentally just recently received a newsletter that handsomely summarised the major birth control measures available. The summary is in easy to understand language and was compiled by The Skimm.

I have reproduced it below:

The Pill

Most stimulate hormone production to stop the reproductive system from ovulating. Out of all of you who told us you take the pill, only 36% said you feel “very knowledgeable” about how it actually works. So here’s your Skimm.

Barrier methods

Condoms, sponges, diaphragms, oh my. Depending on the type and how they’re used, they’re about 76-88% effective.

Intra-Uterine Device (IUD)

A device that hangs out in the uterus for years. About a tenth of the women on birth control get an IUD, but it’s gotten more popular recently. It’s more than 99% effective.

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