Woman reveals she doesn’t pay tithe to Winners Chapel anymore and Daddy Freeze reacts

February 9th, 2018 | by Yusuf Zay
Woman reveals she doesn’t pay tithe to Winners Chapel anymore and Daddy Freeze reacts


 A woman who worships at Winners Chapel recently revealed that she doesn’t pay tithes anymore saying people should pay tithes to ministries using the money to help the poor. 


The unnamed woman is quoted to have written:

I don’t pay tithes to Winners Chapel anymore. It feels soooooo good. Pay your tithes to any ministry you believe are using it to help the poor.”

Note that she didn’t condemn paying tithes but instead was seemingly advocating for the use of the money for charities.

Predictably, the post earned Daddy Freeze’s approval. Freeze has been outspoken against churches demanding tithes from members. In his reaction, the OAP writes on social media:

God bless you! Tithing is a false doctrine!
A tithe is not, was not and will NEVER be a part of Christianity.
Jesus never collected tithes, The disciples and apostles never collected tithes either.
Jesus NEVER collected first fruit offering either our… first pastors the disciple and apostles didn’t collect it.
It’s a curse to obey ‘ tithe’ and ‘first fruit’ under the law and disobey the rest of the law of Moses.
Moses brought the law, but Jesus Christ brought grace and truth.- John 1:17.
Tithing is not of grace. It is of the law.- Matthew 23:33.
For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse: for it is written, Cursed is everyone that continues not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them.- Galatians 3:10.
Anyone who lives by the law of tithing and first fruit has fallen from grace.- Galatians 5:4
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  1. Imaobong Uwah says:

    Just when we thought this tithe war is over, if like pay if you like don’t pay it’s not a criteria for heaven, people that believe in it and it works for them good for them, if you don’t believe good for you it’s not our business its between you and God, do what’s right for God and what pleases your mind according to God’s teachings
    As for me i am neither against nor for it we should all grow up and stop making a big deal out of everything relationship between you and God (NOT PASTOR) should be personal


    • sandra akomas says:

      I supported u my dear sister I agree wit u


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