Should Nigeria Independence Day mean anything to you?

The first of October 1960, the day Nigeria became independent. I reckon it must have been a glorious day. Some older folk say they gathered around radio sets when the announcement was made and rejoiced when they found out they were no longer under the colonial masters. Nigeria before then was...
 Cruzeiro and Palmeiras fight
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Chaos in Brazil as football match turns to brawl

Scenes at the Copa do Brasil were chaotic as players of Cruzeiro and Palmeiras were involved in a very serious altercation. The Copa do Brasil is a knockout football competition played by 91 teams, representing all 26 Brazilian states plus the Federal District. In the video, we see Cruzeiro's Luiz Ricardo Alves commonly...
Pogba and Mourinho at war
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Video: Tension between Pogba and Mourinho

Skye Sports has released a video of Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba at training having what appears to be a conversation. In the clip, the World Cup winner appears to be his normal cheerful self, however, you can see Pogba's face immediately stiffen when his coach stops him. The clip...
Isco undergoes apendicitis surgery
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Madrid star Isco discharged after successful appendicitis surgery

Real Madrid has announced that one of their most vital players Isco Alarcon has left the hospital after undergoing a successful appendicitis surgery. The 26-year-old had was taken to the hospital on Tuesday after he arrived at training complaining of stomach pains. "Our player Isco has been discharged from the hospital. He...
Troy Deener explains why he hates Van Dijk
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Deeney explains why he ‘hates’ Van Dijk

Watford's Troy Deeney has explained why he hates coming up against Liverpool's Virgil Van Dijk. Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live's The Monday Night Club, the 30-year-old did not hold back any information. "I've said it many times, I hate him," he said. "I hate going up against him. "He's too big, too...
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Should Nigeria Independence Day mean anything to you?