Short Stories

Short Story: Reflecto! (Inside my mind)

Stop whatever you are doing right now! (Obviously except for reading this article) and take a second to think about life on this earth without a mirror or any reflective surface on which you could see yourself. Let’s call it reflecto.
Imagine we had only water, that faint glimpse of ourselves we see when we sometimes stare at
water, just that.
Are you done? Now let’s mix it up, Think about life without reflecto back when we were primitives.
You’d have a planet filled with naked people watching the world like a secondary character, almost like
you’re in a sunken place just viewing your life like a movie.
Look at your hands, look! then imagine you couldn’t place a face to their owner, You!
You’d be 16 going through puberty with your insecurities and anxiety and you’d have no clue if you were “fine” or “ugly”.
Reflect, look inwards - reflecto
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You’d have your parents and your whole extended family calling you beautiful or handsome but, on the
other hand, you notice that when you go about your day to day activities people aren’t really nice to you. It’s almost like at the sight of your face they get pissed.
Reflect on life 2 reflecto
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You come to a conclusion, your whole family is a collection of liars.
A bunch of conscienceless liars! how could they not properly prepare you for life by telling you that you’re ugly?
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But you don’t blame them, you blame yourself.
How could you not see it? You should have known.
All you had to do was take one good look at your parents.
The apple never falls far from the tree.