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NLC president says the union cannot wait until third quarter of 2018 for new minimum wage

Ayuba Wabba
The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has stated that the Labour Union will not have the patience to wait until the third quarter of the year for the implementation of a new minimum wage.


The president, Muhammadu Buhari, had last November inaugurated the tripartite Committee to negotiate the N56,000 new minimum wage for workers.

Mr Ayuba Wabba, the President of NLC, has said workers expect to see the result of the committee’s work as soon as possible.

Mr Wabba also stated that whatever needed to be done, should be put in place within a short period of time, so as to start getting the minimum wage approved to workers.

He says: “We will not wait for any third quarter. With what is happening, it is very clear that the purchasing power of workers has been reduced to virtually nothing.

Look at what happened just towards the end of last year, regarding petroleum pricing and scarcity. This certainly is a major factor in determining the wages of workers. Because transport is a major factor, rent is a major factor. Above all, cost of goods is a major factor and all of this will be affected once this important commodity is affected.”

He also let it known that there is no way members the congress will be patient until the third quarter of the year, stating that the stand of the congress is that negotiation should be completed on or before July.




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  2. But they increase min wage in the US all the time, why should Nigeria’s case be different?. If the economy is bad and inflation can hardly be controlled, should an average Nigerian worker be suffering and waiting till they fix it or demand for an increase in wage?

  3. While it is understandable that a raise is needed, it is also important to note that there is no proper regulatory body.
    Let’s assume tomatoes cost 20 naira now. As soon as minimum wage is increased to 50 K, the tomato sellers will increase their prices to140 naira. At the end of the day, all you get in INFLATION and no appreciable change in standard of living.
    I mean, where is the 1naira note now. I don’t even think it exists. 5 naira is also going extinct.

  4. Abi ooo NLC I support you guys on this oo..we need a new minimum wage, 18k is too small to comman die for na.
    Take for instance Lawama workers, the one who sweep the roads are prone to accidents and other vices. Even the dust they inhale is not good for their health. When they are sick, can 18k be enough to treat then at the hospital.

    I support NLC on this…
    Carry Go!!!

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