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5 ways to eat healthy when you’re busy

It is true that our bodies need the energy to keep moving at the pace that we want.  It is also true that many corporate workers and entrepreneurs barely have time for themselves and may find themselves (unintentionally) skipping meals. However, productivity can be lost when there is isn't time to eat amidst...

Nine proven food that can help calm hunger qualms

For those of us who definitely must count every calorie for any chance of maintaining a semblance of some healthy weight, the idea of snacking in between meal is kind of a bit repulsive even if our body definitely gags for some. For the present writer, snacking generally means that...
Use this 5 tips to age well

Use these 5 tips to age well

It’s true we can’t cheat nature but who is to say that we can’t be in harmony with nature and age well? Because we all want to grow old gracefully, healthwise at least, and numerous studies seem to indicate that making the right lifestyle changes can help us achieve that....
Ebuka Obi-Uchendu shares on his journey so far.

‘I had no intention on being in entertainment’ – Ebuka Obi-Uchendu reveals as he talks career journey so far |WATCH

In a new episode of Ndani TV‘s The Juice, host Bolanle Olukanni sits with media personality and style icon Ebuka Obi-Uchendu as he shares on his journey so far in the entertainment industry. On the show, the BBN host and Bolanle Olukanni discuss everything from Ebuka’s journey from being a contestant in the Big Brother...

Want to avoid depression? Then exercising an hour a week can help!

There is a lot of health benefits that have been attributed to exercising such as reducing the risk of chronic disease like diabetes, cardiovascular or heart diseases, blood pressure amongst others. Exercise has also touted to be great in helping our memory function, help us maintain a healthy weight, boost...
Health & fitness

Health hack! For ladies only: Vulva care

A lot of women and girls experience very discomforting vaginal infection, also known as vaginitis, at a particular stage of their life. The pathway around the entrance to the vagina called the vulva can also become irritated but there are steps that can be taken to both relieve and prevent vulvar...
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