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Doctor Cupid: My Favorite TV couples

We all love TV, and yours truly is no exception. I believe we can learn a lot from TV shows, never mind the plot or genre or characters even. One very constant in all TV shows these days is romance. And the best part is, it's never a smooth sailing...
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Doctor Cupid: The One That Got Away

Thursdays they say are for reminiscing. I agree. What better day to think about your long lost love? Make way guys and girls as I fill you in on moving on from 'The one That Got Away'. The real thing guys, not the Katy Perry song. Katy Perry: The one...
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Doctor Cupid: 10 ways to enjoy being Single

Being single is fun! Except on Valentine's day when its raining roses and chocolates, declarations of love, engagement rings, viral proposal videos, and yes, even Porsches. Relationships, although good, are quite overrated. Especially when you're the odd one in the group. All your friends are in relationships, going on dates,...
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Doctor Cupid: 5 traits men want in a woman

Every man has a preference. Trust me, it's true. How else would you explain meeting your friends' girlfriend and thinking to yourself (why is he dating that?) That's probably because she's his type and not yours. However, there are common traits/qualities that all men seek in a woman. Today I'll...
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Doctor Cupid: Why you shouldn’t give up on love

Is love really worth fighting for? I mean, odds are you'll end up with someone who snores when he blinks, drives like an old blind man from Ogbomoso, or a woman with a deep baritone and so much facial hair that she's always mistaken for your beard gang buddy, rather...
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Doctor Cupid: The love triangle

One's a guest, two's a company and three's a crowd. That's what most people say and they're not wrong.   Today, I'll be talking about the love triangle. Yes, that dreaded place where you're either #1. The lonely and silent daydreamer condemned to be the best friend of the couple but...
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