5 wrong moves to avoid during an argument with your partner

Fighting and misunderstanding are inevitable in any long-term relationship. And we do know that arguments are perfectly healthy for a relationship when done rightly.  However, during an argument, it is important to understand that you are not fighting your partner, but the issue. It might be a little bit toxic...

Relationship hack: Never allow issues cross over to the next day

Issues are bound to come up in every relationship, but, what matters is how you resolve them. Just like we already know, in every relationship, especially long-term relationships there are bound to be issues, misunderstandings, disagreements, etc. At a certain point you may get to do something that bugs your...

This is why partners should always share what bugs them

No relationship is void of issues, but what matters most is how the partners involved handle them.   Partners in a relationship oftentimes tends to annoy one and another. The truth remains that no human is perfect, at least none that I know. There will be issues, challenges, troubles and...

Compliments are like icing on the cake of a healthy relationship

Ever been in a relationship where your partner or significant other struggles to pay you compliments just to express how he/she feels? It doesn't feel good.   So many things constitute a healthy relationship and compliments are just one way you can use to spice up your relationship. It is...

This is why you should fall in love with yourself

What will it profit you to love other people, be in a relationship with them but you don't love yourself nor have a relationship with yourself? That's certainly destructive! A lot of people depend on other people for love or for confidence, which is all good and fine but no...

Relationship hack: Control your jealousy, it’s a relationship killer

Jealousy is like 'tares among seeds' and can destroy the love, communication, harmony, and unity in any serious intimate relationship. It is no exaggeration to say that in any emotional relationship, both partners desire to find satisfaction in it as well as see it grow. However, if one partner is inclined to...
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