Google releases 53 new gender-neutral emojis

Google is releasing 53 new gender-neutral emoji

Google is launching a new feature designed to make the digital world more inclusive as they release 53 new gender-fluid emoji on Pixel phones in beta this week. These will be added to all Android Q phones later this year. According to Fast Company, the emoji have been specifically designed to appear...

India may become fourth country to land on the moon

India is set to become the latest country to land on the moon. The South Asian country announced that its Chandrayaan-2 mission to the moon will launch between 9 - 16 July this year after earlier plans for an April lift-off were scrapped. In a Twitter post, Indian Space Research...

18-year-old sues Apple for $1 Billion| Find out why

An 18-year-old student from New York is suing Apple after being falsely identified and arrested for robbery using the company's facial recognition software. The student, Ousmane Bah filed $1 billion lawsuit against the company on Monday, 22 April. In the lawsuit, the teenager claims that the software incorrectly identified him...
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