Beverly Osu raises concerns over weird looking bum bums [video]

Actress and ex-BBN star Beverly Osu, is raising awareness over something seems to bother her.

Beverly, in a video she shared on her Instagram page, expressed worries over what she describes as “sponge box square pants” butt shapes Nigerian ladies acquire after undergoing butts enhancement plastic surgery.

In the video, Beverly notes she isn’t advocating against the surgery procedure. Her beef seems to be, according to her, the funny shapes those that underwent the procedure end up with. She rather urges those considering a plastic butt enhancement procedure to “do your arse oh, but please just do it nice.”

In her words: “Ladies I am not against any of you doing your bodies but if you are going to do your body, please do the bum bum well. The bum bum nowadays is just looking like box.

“Everybody’s a*s is just looking like sponge box square pants. Short girls now doing their ass again, making them look as if they are dropping.”

“Do your a*s oh, but please just do it nice.”

Beverly captions the video: “To the young ladies thinking about doing this, think very well if the short term gains are worth the long term risk. What is your body going to look like in 5/10years?

“If you don’t know you are still going to end up having to work out regularly and eating right. ??????????If you are not already fit fam then good luck to you .?

“Don’t feed the monster called vanity. #Eatright #workout #stayactive#savemoney”

Watch the video below.

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Beverly Osu raises concerns over weird looking bum bums [video]