Ini Edo attacks Omoni Oboli on Instagram

Ini Edo
Nollywood actress Ini Edo calls out Omoni Oboli on Instagram for not showing up for the premiere of Uche Jombo’s movie, Heaven on my mind.

The drama started after Omoni Oboli shared a photo of herself and Uche Jombo in which she explained why she didn’t attend the premiere of Jombo’s directorial debut.

She wrote: “Hey lover! Still on set and hoping and praying to finish on time so I can join you in celebration of your latest movie #HeavenOnMyMind @uchejombo You know I got nothing but immense love for you…alas the show must go on!

Ini Edo who didn’t buy the excuse, wrote: “There is no production in this country that would hold you back on set, knowing your supposed bestie is premiering her directorial debut. So please just stop with the sycophancy and hypocrisy. I guess it is called Instagram love.”




  1. I think Omoni’s excuse is kinda jaded. Just saying and why are you guys lambasting Ini Edo. I thik she said it as it is. #NoFaking

  2. Aunty Ini, Omoni’s reasons can be very very genuine and you don’t know. Why not mind your business. Even if its a lie, is it your bestie? Is it your lying against? Is it your business? Are you Uche Jumbo? Did she ask you to defend her? You are calling her hypocrite, na waooo!

  3. Ini Edo i use to like you o. but,putting mouth inside other people matter is not nice at all. Thank God you called them “besties” and thats what they are. So allow them settle their matter before they will use you to settle ko.

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