Ireti Doyle speaks about her reaction to movies she has featured in

Ireti Doyle
Veteran actress Iretiola Doyle has revealed that she reviews her performance whenever she watches any movie she has featured in.

Speaking in a chat with Pulse, Ireti says that she grades herself after every project she does, stating that though she might not change what has been done, but she could learn from it.

Go back and do over, no, but do I mark my papers? Intensely. Every time I watch a project of mine, that is what I am doing, marking my papers and if you are honest, you will always see some things that I would want to do different maybe not necessarily better may be different and sometimes, maybe better because we are in the moment.

I mark my papers and I think any actor that worths their weight in gold should,” the actress said.

When asked if she always wanted to act, she said: “Acting was something I knew I could always do. It came to me naturally, I didn’t even realise that it came to me naturally but I just found out that in secondary school with all the major performance when somebody was called out, it would be me.

I think Checkmate was the first Nigerian production that I fell in love with, I used to rush back home to watch, then that was a Mind-bending TV series produced by Lola Fani Kayode and starred Joke Silva at the time and I watched a scene when Aunty J took me on an emotional journey. I just knew, it sounds weird but I had always known this was what I wanted to do.”



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