Juliet Ibrahim gets slammed on social media as fans dredge up her past

Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has been slammed by some fans on social media after she asked could be interpreted as a provocative question.

Not everyone who follows a celebrity on the social media is a fan, yours sincerely included; something the actress seems not to have grasped fully.

Of course, it’s alright to be one’s authentic self, I’m all for it but when a celebrity wants Twitter followers to name men who “use women again” – whatever that means – that’s a sure receipt for disaster. And oh boy, can fans foes be cruel? And they made no exception with the actress, no sparing of her feelings and dragging her not so painless past to rub in her face. *shudders*.

See below:

This is not the first time the actress, who is bae to Nigeria singer Iceberg Slim, is facing some backlash from fans in recent time. Just earlier this week, the actress has stroked some flames when she declared Miracle (of BBN 3) was boring and should be voted out of the house.

Why are people still voting for Miracle? It’s a game show let him step out of his comfort zone. Cee C is giving us DRAMA and we are loving it! #bbnaija CeeC for the money!!!,” she had tweeted while rallying for votes for her house favourite, Cee-c.

Major shout out to everyone who voted for baby girl @ceec_official we can do better! We will show the world that we are a force to reckon with!!! Women must understand the need to be in control at all times, in all situations; even with their emotions. #BBNaija Cee-C.

Predictably, Miracle’s fans were quick to slam her to the point of unprintable insults. (Sighs). That’s freedom of speech for you.

Replying to the tweets and reminding Juliet that perhaps the actress has forgotten what it feels like to be judged wrongly, Twiter user @idontmindmybizz writes: “You are a disgrace to the human race. You are in the industry and you know first hand how it feels to be judged wrongly, yet you use your dirty fingers to tweet rubbish! You are a pure disgrace. You are not God. And have no right… Keep your opinion to yourself.

Another user, @M_idris12,  also dissed the actress, declaring: “Act, you cannot act. Sell lashes, you cannot sell. Marry Jamil, you cannot marry. Aunty, just go back to Ghana.”

You will not go and look for a man, you are there calling people who are more real than you fake…what do you bring to the table? Okpee..#BBNaija,” queries @dollar1010.

This is exactly what would make him win, please continue ???. DONT go n find a film to act oh, It’s another person’s image u just want to spoil, evil people,” opines Twitter user @mckenzieray30.

Some called her out for vocalising her support for Cee-c while pulling down another contestant.

Wow Juliet this is not fair, you can actually campaign for your CeeC without pulling miracle down… This is very low coming from a celebrity #Bbnaija,” writes



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