My role in ‘God Calling’ was a calling – Zainab Balogun

zainab balogun
Nollywood actress Zainab Balogun isn’t over her role in BB Sasore’s movie God Calling.

She shared with Pulse TV during an interview that the movie was a calling. She said:

“It was the feeling that I got while reading the script which made me accept the role. It made me feel this is a calling for me, it’s a job for me, it’s not just another movie. It evoked so many comments on my Instagram page when I put up the trailer.”

She continued, “For me, the message which the story of ‘God Calling’ represented did it for me. I have never seen a Nollywood movie that is faith-based, that is on a mission which is actually on this level.”

The actress, who also starred in Chief Daddy, said the movie was physically and emotionally tasking but it was worth it.


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