Ubi Franklin addresses Iyanya allegations in new interview

ubi franklin
Here’s how it started: On 8 March, Iyanya appeared on Ndani TV’s The Juice with Bolanle Olukanni.

In that interview, he explained the circumstances surrounding his exit from Made Men Music Group (MMMG), a label he co-set up along with Ubi. Iyanya made telling remarks as to how the partnership went awry.

On Monday, Ubi fired back. He said Iyanya was lying about everything. And he was doing so to look good in the eyes of the public. Ubi Franklin went even deeper to say Iyanya was never interested in running a business. Therefore, he tried as much as possible to stay focused on the music side of things alone.

In another interview on Tuesday, Iyanya said Ubi forged his signature; did not include his name in company documents even though he (Iyanya) was a director in the company. He also said that Ubi didn’t pay him for his (Iyanya’s) share in MMMG or Triple MG as it is more popularly known.

Yesterday afternoon, Ubi Franklin appeared on Cool FM Lagos in an interview with Dotun and Kemi Smallz on The Midday Oasis. In that interview, Ubi shed more light into why Iyanya left the label. He even revealed that Iyanya was against signing another artist to Triple MG.

He went further to explain the signing of Tekno, Iyanya vs Tekno, structuring MMMG and a host other issues.

Ubi vehemently denied ever forging Iyanya’s signature.

Watch the video below:


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