Arese Ugwu’s Smart Money Woman is being made into a TV series!

arese ugwu
Arese Ugwu, author of critically acclaimed book Smart Money Woman has just announced that its going to be made into a book!

The financial expert shared the news on her Instagram page, revealing that she had been working on it for eight months. She wrote:

“8 months!!! Eight months of meetings, phone calls, back and forth with lawyers, tears, frustration.. I wanted to give up many times but this moment was everything!!! .
“My book The Smart Money Woman is officially being turned into a Tv series and First Bank is the Lead sponsor… ??? Im super grateful to F.A.M, Abimbola and the First bank Team for believing in this project .
“Super excited to begin this journey, bringing my characters to life..I already know its going to be tough ?but I’m grateful to God for the small wins in between… My watch words for 2019 Execution and resilience!!! No matter how hard it gets…We Move… @firstbanknigeria

“Abeg! Spin me make e sweet?”


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