Incest or hoax?-Young man claims his baby sister is 3 months pregnant with his child

A Twitter user is currently trending on social media after he revealed that he has been smashing (excuse my french) his younger sister, and she’s 3 months pregnant with his baby.

Identified as @gurujeremy2 on Twitter, he says they’re in love, and their kind of relationship is unique.




According to Jeremy, their parents don’t of their unique relationship, but they soon will. He tweeted.

Jeremy also claimed not to know that dating one’s sister is regarded as incest and illegal on the grounds that they’re foreign.

Although we live in a world where people will literally say and do anything to go viral, perhaps we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss this as a hoax.


If it is one of those trending gimmicks, then I say nicely done. He got all the attention he wanted.

If it is, in fact, true, there are no words. Seriously. I just hope their mom’s not on Twitter.



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