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A$AP Rocky found guilty of assault by Swedish court; must pay restitution to victim

A$AP Rocky must pay restitution to victim, Mustafa Jafari

A Swedish court seating in Stockholm, on Wednesday, found America’s A$AP Rocky guilty of misdemeanour assault charges after a case was brought against the rapper by victim Mustafa Jafari.

However, the American rapper, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, would not have to serve any further time in jail. A$AP Rocky publicly reacted to the verdict hours later, admitting he’s “disappointed” with the judge’s decision, but plans to put this situation behind him.

Writing on Instagram in all caps, the rapper says:

I am of course disappointed by today’s verdict. I want to say thanks again to all of my fans, friends, and everyone who showed me love during this difficult time. Imma keep moving forward. Thank you to my team, my management, attorneys, label and everyone who advocated for justice.

His attorney Slobodan Jovicic tells the BBC he does not agree with the conclusion reached by the judge, who handled the case.

The court has recognised that Rocky and his party were followed and harassed, that no bottle was used, that Rocky didn’t act in a joined attack with the others and that Rocky didn’t inflict any wounds on the victim and that is a win,” ASAP Rocky’s lawyer Slobodan Jovicic tells  the BBC.

But the court has also concluded that Rocky didn’t act in self-defence. It’s a conclusion that Rocky and I don’t agree with.

No fines or community service were levied on Rocky and his pair of co-defendants in the case. However, the Swedish court did order the Harlem native to pay up approximately $22,300 in restitution and legal fees to the 19-year-old victim, Mustafa Jafari. The amount is a combined sum to be paid by all three defendants in total.

Just on Sunday, at his first public performance upon returning to the US, A$AP Rocky told the crows he found the prison experience very scary and humbling.

I’m so happy to be here right now, y’all don’t even understand,” he says. “That was a scary, humbling experience but I’m here right now. God is good, man. I can’t thank God enough, man, that was crazy.”


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A$AP Rocky found guilty of assault by Swedish court; must pay restitution to victim