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Actor Abimbola Kazeem’s Wife & his Story about his Past Yahoo Days

Abimbola Kazeem's Story

Abimbola Kazeem’s Story

With the rate at which the news of Cybercrime has been increasing, Nollywood actor Abimbola Kazeem aka Jigan, has taken to Instagram to talk about his yahoo boy days.

According to Kazeem, who is popularly known for his saying, “Do you know my age (sho mo age mi)” those he helped with the money he got from the fraudulent means all turned against him when he went broke. He ended his post by advising yahoo boys to be sure of who they are helping.”

His post: ”I posted this some weeks ago and I can’t believe God kept quiet, that you that I am about to bless! If you are a gee boy you better learn from this.”

“Some years back when I started the game just as to meet up with ends meet, being a young boy while I was making the money I was way too happy, my only thinking was how to lift everyone up as I have gotten an opportunity to make it big, I lived a flamboyant life but helping people was my major thing, as I can give someone my last kobo,then I had a whole lot of friends coming around to hang out, the embarrassment I get from the police got me really worried over being a Yahoo boy.”

“Sometimes during Xmas time, I end up sleeping in the cell over cybercrime! Then I can’t sleep with my two eyes closed, I invested most of my business in my friends and family name so as to save my head, I had that talent of music and I decided to go into music which I spent a whole lot of money into.”

Abimbola Kazeem’s Wife

“While I was doing this I joined the movie industry, I was humble and I was putting in all my effort to be great! I move in convoys with my friends and I can bet how many lives I have touched and raised. I ran into a lady that wanted me to treat her with all the respect and always stay humble to her even with all my money and I disagree that was when it all started.”

“She told me I will see her hands and from that moment it was a sad story.  I lost everything! When I mean everything I lost all that I have achieved and went back to square 1, I begged and begged her but she insisted to teach me a lesson of a lifetime, I told myself I will put an end to doing cybercrime and continue to use my talent to make money.”

“I won’t lie it has not been so easy for me. The most annoying part and the lesson I learnt was no one care about you like yourself. I was only lucky to see few of my old friends that turn out to be good friends, almost all the people I helped laugh and made gest of me till now. But I am the happiest man on earth now as I now sleep with my two eyes closed. I like the life I am living now! Because the success is coming slowly but its so certain that victory is mine. To all the yahoo boyz learn and know who and who to help.”

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