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As the first eviction day draws closer, this is our first impression of the BBNaija Lockdown housemates

As the first eviction day draws closer, this is our first impression of the BBNaija Lockdown housemates
The first Big Brother Nigeria eviction day is drawing closer and the housemates are becoming more eager to show themselves and coming out of their shells.

Compared to other seasons of the show, the housemates this year on the BBNaija Lockdown show have actually made the effort to come up with an actual game plan that has gotten them far enough in the competition.

A number of them have been among the most talked-about housemates while a number of them have actually amassed quite the large fanbase, which is, of course, what will keep them in the house.

As the first round of evictions is drawing closer at the end of the second week, housemates are emerging from their shells, showing their true characters and playing more cards from their collection.

As an example, Tolani Baj, who was previously quiet and unassuming has been involved in a fight with Ka3na, while Neo and Vee have somehow struck up a love match.

Ahead of the first big day on the BBNaija Lockdown show, here are our unfiltered first impressions about all your most talked about and most popular housemates.

1. Laycon

As the first eviction day draws closer, this is our first impression of the BBNaija Lockdown housemates

When Laycon first walked into the house, he was properly trolled on social media, mostly because of his outfit. He was dressed in jeans trousers and a black jacket fitted with sparkling colourful lights.

When he first entered the BBNaija Lockdown house, many people could not believe what he was wearing and took to social media to share their sentiments about him.

First impressions from many people on that day included the fact that he looked ‘local’ and thus would be more prone to stealing other people’s belongings in the house.

A few days into the show, though, people started to realize that Laycon is actually quite smart. Many people believe that Laycon has a sort of grace around him and this has helped him to amass a large number of fans who call themselves iCons.

Others also believe that he is the most likely housemate to win this season, that he is intelligent, and has his eyes set on the prize.

Thanks to all of these qualities, we think that Laycon’s probability of going home this week is slim.

2. Erica

Erica’s entrance into the Big Brother Nigeria house was nothing spectacular. She arrived in a pretty dress and used every opportunity to show off her beautiful smile.

However, since she has entered the house, she has shown that she is more than just a pretty face with a wonderful smile. The former beauty queen is also a wonderful dancer and gets along with several other housemates.

As for first impressions, so far, many people think she is a baby girl for life, simple, with a wonderful smile. She has amassed many fans in just two weeks.

Many people consider Erica to be beautiful and simple, humble and loving. She is considered to be sharing her true self and is jovial and general fun.

While all these sentiments are held about Erica, there is one that people hold with regards to her relationship with Kiddwaya. When it comes to this, some people think she is letting him distract her and should focus more on herself, like Nengi.

Based on these assumptions, the possibility of Erica being evicted at the end of the week is slim.

3. Nengi

As the first eviction day draws closer, this is our first impression of the BBNaija Lockdown housemates

Nengi entered the BBNaija Lockdown house as someone who is comfortable with her beauty and fully revels in it. She is beautiful, of that there is no doubt and she has also competed in some beauty competitions, alongside Erica.

In fact, she was a part of the most recent Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) 2019 competition where she did well.

Owing to the fact that she is comfortable in her skin and seems to be playing her game well, a lot of people like her and she has amassed a number of fans.

A number of people think that she is trying not to get distracted by the happenings in the house and are of the opinion that she will go far in the competition as a result.

While there are a number of positive impressions about her, a number of people also thinks she is merely playing the game and is being fake. Additionally, some people also feel that she knows her body will take her far so she intentionally flaunts it.

The fact, though, is that Nengi has become popular, so the probability that she will leave the house anytime soon is low.

4. Dorathy

As the first eviction day draws closer, this is our first impression of the BBNaija Lockdown housemates

When Dorathy first got into the house, the first thing that people noticed about her is her considerable bosom. However, as time passes, more information has continued to emerge about her that has given more insight into the type of person that Dora is.

While she started the journey without any attachments, she soon started getting attached to Ozo, who couldn’t decide between her and Nengi.

Many people like the fact that she quickly removed herself from that love triangle and instead, focused on her game. Doing this earned her a number of fans who felt that she was being focused.

Many also think that Dorathy is good and has played a good game so far and has a considerable number of fans. These people don’t think he has all it takes to win, however.

While some people think this, others consider Dorathy to be humble and think she is just being herself in the house. They also think she is someone who is not sure about her fanbase outside the house.

Based on all of this, the chances of Dorathy exiting the game early in the game (as early as this weekend) are very slim. The majority of people think that she has what it takes to go far in the game, even if not all the way.

5. Kiddwaya

Kiddwaya has risen very slowly in the house, compared to his somewhat unremarkable entrance into the Big Brother Nigeria house.

Shortly after he got into the house, it became widely known that Kiddwaya is the son of the billionaire businessman, Terry Waya. However, in spite of his wealth, he has displayed humility and a desire and willingness to work well with others.

Many people like him for this humility and the fact that he is not as complex as other guys who happen to be rich. He is also loved for his accent.

While many think so, others like Kiddwaya for the fact that it seems like he is just there to catch some fun and take a break from his life.

Kiddwaya has also struck up a relationship with fellow housemate, Erica, but he is also in a situationship with Wathoni, who appears to have some feelings for him.

This has caused people to think that Kiddwaya may be trying to play with people’s feelings in the house, which is regarded as amusing.

Will this be enough to keep him in the house until the last day? Maybe not, but we don’t think he is going anywhere this week.

6. Kaisha

As the first eviction day draws closer, this is our first impression of the BBNaija Lockdown housemates

Kaisha has been one of the most talked-about housemates, mostly because of her attitude and the fact that she has been severely underrated by many of the other housemates.

Kaisha is from Sokoto, the Northern part of Nigeria, and is well-travelled. She revealed that she has been to Germany, Dubai, and other places, which some people still don’t believe.

Some people, though, think she has an inferiority complex which is affecting her relationship with people in the house. One person said:

“Kaisha to me is just having an inferiority complex. Even though she is often misunderstood but I think she’s making it obvious that she’s looked down on by trying so hard to fight back at any slightest problem.”

She has had a number of fights with fellow housemates Lucy and Tochi, during which she made many comments that people found shocking.

Although some people have found her drama entertaining, others are not quite as amused. With the new system of voting, Kaisha may find herself in the bottom four this week, and the housemates may actually vote her out of the show.

7. Brighto

Brighto has been incredibly talked out on social media right from the moment he walked into the house, mostly because of his looks and his attitude.

Many people have made several jokes about how much he looks like a pastor. While it seems like he has been the butt of many jokes, it does not look like this is getting him a lot of fans.

So far, aside from the jokes, it does not seem like Brighto is popular inside or outside the BBNaija Lockdown house. He seems to be in the same boat as Kaisha when it comes to popularity.

Based on all of this, there is a considerable chance that Brighto may be evicted this week.

8. Neo and Vee

As the first eviction day draws closer, this is our first impression of the BBNaija Lockdown housemates

Neo and Vee seem to be a new but completely loved couple on social media these days. When Neo first got into the house, many completely disliked him because he seemed to be too loud and everywhere.

He even said that he thought that the more you talked, the higher your chances of staying in the house. Vee, on the other hand, was barely noticeable as she did not really stand out within the house.

A few weeks after staying in the house, though, the two started to get closer and now they have both transformed. Neo has become more of a gentleman and Vee is slowly emerging from her shell.

They have both amassed a number of fans thanks to that and are becoming more visible within the house. Many people think that while Neo will last long in the house, Vee is not likely to last long in the house.

As for this week, though, it seems unlikely that either of them will be evicted this week.

9. Eric and Lilo

As the first eviction day draws closer, this is our first impression of the BBNaija Lockdown housemates

While Eric and Lilo seemed to start out very well in the house, it looks like they have lost whatever fans that they had in the beginning.

The two formed the first relationship in the house and things seemed to be going well for them. However, while Lilo tried to show off her personality and mix with other housemates, Eric mostly kept to himself.

Now, it seems like whatever spark that the two had has now been overshadowed by other couples in the BBNaija Lockdown house who seem to have more chemistry – Kiddwaya and Erica, and Neo and Vee.

As a result, they have a handful of fans but nothing that would be able to get them both to the final day. It does not look like either of them has a considerable chance of being evicted this week, however, but time will tell.

10. Ozo

Ozo started the game very well. When he first got into the Big Brother Nigeria house, many people were enraptured by his looks and quickly gravitated to him.

This all came to an end, however, as he and Nengi started to gravitate to each other. A few of the thoughts about him include:

“Fine boy privilege will probably take him far in the show. No vibes. Nothing. Na only Nengi dey hin head. Very similar to Frodd of last season.”

“I think Ozo is a guy that can’t make up his mind. He wants a girl with Nengi’s body but Dorothy’s personality. So, he is trying to keep both girls.”

“To me, Ozo is just there. I can’t tell much about his personality. But I see him as someone who is following the flow.”

Since he was rejected by Nengi, however, he has been less visible, seemingly reassessing his game. While it is unlikely that Ozo will be evicted this week, it is also unlikely that he will remain in the house until the last day.


So, that is everything we have learnt from the past few weeks of watching your favourites on the BBNaija Lockdown show. While some of them are still (quite obviously) playing games in order to make headway within the house, others are revealing their true selves and hoping that will be enough.

The question of whether their efforts would have proved to be worth it or not will be answered by the end of this week, when, at least one housemate will be voted down and then out by the rest of the housemates.

Do you agree with our impressions of the BBnaija Lockdown housemates or not? Share your thoughts about them with us in the comments section below.