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BBNaija’s Bambam speaks of struggles to lose baby fat [Video]

BBNaija's Bambam speaks up on struggles with baby weight

BBNaija’s Bambam has taken to her social media to open up about her struggles to lose the baby weight she gained during her pregnancy.

The mother of one said that it has been so hard to lose all the baby weight she gained during pregnancy.

Bambam revealed that she feels exhausted and at the same time has to be available for her child.

According to her, it has not been easy trying to lose the baby fat. Bambam, who looked tired in the video, confessed that she is exhausted but she has to be available for her baby.

In the video, she says: “I can’t lie to you guys since my baby was born, it’s not been easy. I gained so much weight. I practically was like a 103. I had so much fluid retention in my body and losing all that baby weight has been so hard. I’m trying to have a healthy meal plan that doesn’t affect lactation and work out with a personal trainer or use the treadmill.

Tonight is one of those nights. I feel so exhausted and I have to be available to tend to my baby. More grease to the elbows of all the moms out there that are staying fit, healthy, and are exclusively breastfeeding.

I don’t feel like working out but I have to burn this baby fat and get back in shape. Nobody is complaining, to be honest, it’s just me.”

Have you or anyone you know struggled with losing baby ft? Share with us in the comment section.

Meanwhile, you can watch her video below…

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