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Body Positivity: ‘I have body fat. And what about it?’ – Eniola Badmus

Eniola Badmus - sidomexentertainment.com

Nigerian actress and film producer Eniola Badmus is very much about body positivity.

And all those who might have an issue with her body size may just go hung a tree or take a chill pill as the plus-size actress would not allow anyone to body shame her.

As for those haters, they best channel their hate to something else as trolling this damsel is an effort in futility. And that’s because Eniola understands her body perfectly better than anyone and trolling her about being fat is not saying anything new. She already knows that and has embraced her being.

Eniola made this known via a statement on Instagram with an image that simply reads: “Fat is not an insult.”

So if you are one of those people who think otherwise, think again. You probably need to come up with a more creative ‘insult’ so to speak, as Eniola is so over it.

And for those trolls, who may not totally get it, Eniola explains: “Being called ‘fat’ doesn’t bother me because it’s a simple fact. Yeah, I am fat. I have body fat. And what about it?

So, if you’re one of those people who delight in body shaming other people, the shame is on you for being a jerk. Chances are you engage in trolling behaviour because your own life sucks. But taking it out on other people doesn’t help anyone least of all you. So, take a deep breath and look inward. Maybe the problem is you and self-inflicted. It’s not too late to seek professional help. Furthermore, it couldn’t be that hard to find something nice to say to someone else if you try hard enough. While no one wants a false compliment – if you honestly think you couldn’t sincerely compliment another person – keep your opinion to yourself. Words carry weight and one should be careful how they use them.

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