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Coronavirus quarantine: Frustrated Toolz shares photo of what her son did to her tv


The  Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria has affected Nigerians in various ways. Many parents have their kids home but would sincerely love them to be back in school and OAP Toolz may just be amongst that set of parents.

Since the #stayhome directive has been seriously upheld in Nigeria and Lagos precisely, kids have grown more creative in keeping their parents and guardians on their toes.

On-air personality Tolu Oniru Demuren, who is also known as Toolz, who is popular for hosting The Midday Show on The Beat 99.9 FM, and who got fans wondering about the state of her marriage recently, has taken to her Instagram page to show what her one-year-old son did to her television.

From the picture on her Instagram, her son, Chairman, threw something on her television which destroyed it.

Who could have known that the tiny fists of children could be that strong? The pained mum took to her Instagram page to ask friends what they thought she could do to him.

Quarantine Day 4!” writes Toolz on Instagram alongside a photo of the damaged television.

She continues: “Y’all come get your friend!!! How the hell do you punish a 1-year-old? Or should I keep the punishment till when he’s 4 or 5?

Can I get him to pick pin, cut grass or something?” the not-so-very-happy mum asks on her Instagram page.

Oh! The joys of parenthood.

Check out the post below: