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Ed Sheeran knocks Adele off to become richest British entertainer under 30

ed sheeran
Ed Sheeran has done it: he has taken the crown from Adele and is now the richest British person under 30.

28-year-old Ed Sheeran, who has had a fantastic year, is now worth an estimated £170 million to become Heat Rich List‘s richest British star under 30.

Adele, who was at the top of the list last year, has dropped off the list completely. She is no longer eligible after turning 31 in May.

Sheeran jumped from an estimated worth of £94 million in 2017 to £170 million in 2019.

According to Standard UK, the increase in Sheeran’s wealth is partly due to his world record-breaking, highest-grossing two-year Divide Tour, which saw him play more than 250 shows to more than seven million fans since March 2017.

He also credits his large net worth to royalties earned from writing songs for such huge stars as Justin Bieber, Anne Marie, Rita Ora, and most recently, Westlife.

Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe comes in second with a net worth of £90 million. Harry Styles is in third place with an estimated net worth of £64 million.

Other stars on the list include Zayn Malik, Emma Watson, Cara Delevigne, Sam Smith, among others.

Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams is among the new entries this year. See the full list below:

1. Ed Sheeran, 28, (£170m)

2. Daniel Radcliffe, 30, (£90m)

3. Harry Styles, 25, (£64m)

4. Emma Watson, 29, (£57m)

5. Niall Horan, 26, (£54.8m)

6. Little Mix (£50m)

7. Louis Tomlinson, 27, (£46m)

8. Liam Payne, 26, (£44m)

9. Cara Delevingne, 27, (£39.5m)

10. Zayn Malik, 26, (£38m)

11. Sam Smith, 27, (£34m)

12. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 29, (£21m)

13. Rita Ora, 28, (£17.8m)

14. Stormzy, 26, (£12m) – NEW ENTRY

15. Dua Lipa, 24, (£11.8m) – NEW ENTRY

16. The 1975, (£10.9m)

17. Sophie Turner, 23, (£8.5m)

18. Daisy Ridley, 27, (£8.4m)

19. Nicholas Hoult, 29, (8.3m)

20. Dev Patel, 29, (£7.5m)

21. John Boyega, 27, (£6.6m)

23. Sam Faiers, 28, (£6.3m)

= Joey Essex, 29, (£6.3m)

24. Tommy Mallet, 27, (£5.2m) – NEW ENTRY

25. Maisie Williams, 22, (£4.5m) – NEW ENTRY

27. George Ezra, 26, (£4.4m) – NEW ENTRY

= Jess Glynne, 30, £4.4m – NEW ENTRY

28. Olivia and Alex Bowen, 25 and 28, (£4.3m – joint) – NEW ENTRY

29. Billie Faiers, 29, (£3.6m) – NEW ENTRY

30. Tom Holland, 23, (£3.5m) – NEW ENTRY


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