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‘In this trying Covid-19 period everyone is a suspect’ – Ubi Franklin shares hospital experience amid Coronavirus

'In this trying Covid-19 period everyone is a suspect' - Ubi Franklin shares hospital experience amid Coronavirus
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a number of things, including how people relate to each other in public and especially in hospitals. 

The pandemic has triggered a wave of fear among people, even medical practitioners as they are trying to avoid getting infected while working to save lives.

Music executive, Ubi Franklin has shared his experience of his hospital visit amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. He ate some food that made him stool and left him weak, he said, so he had to visit the hospital.

He wrote: “Yesterday I had, Breakfast – Cereal with sugar and milk

“Lunch – Nice Affang

“Dinner – Porridge beans and yam.

“They clashed and I have used the toiled from yesterday for more than 40 Times. This afternoon I became so weak and decided to be driven to the hospital and when I got there I was kept outside the gate of the hospital for my vitals, and I became more weak and restless, you can imagine the sun and the doctor came outside to tell me I’ll wait for my test results to come while waiting outside.

“I couldn’t sit down because my ass was aching from the many Times I have had to visit the toilet. I decided to leave and go home and not even bother about going back to the hospital. In this trying Covid-19 period everyone is a suspect not minding what your illness is that’s totally different from sythoms of Covid-19.

“I am home hoping I get better. I cried because this is currently going on in different parts of Nigeria, hospitals are rejecting patients who clearly don’t have COVID-19. Before this entire world pandemic you can walk into the hospital and get a bed, your Vitals taken and test comes out and treatment begins, but now it’s a different story . Everyone is treated like a COVID patient. I have taken Imodium hoping it works.

“I’ll just stay home trusting my stomach behaves after much stooling from last night till this moment, this moment I mean I am typing from the toilet.”