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Jackie Aina is engaged! Check out the mammoth diamond ring

Jackie Aina with fiance Denis Asamoah vacationing in Greece. Photo via Instagram

Jackie Aina and longtime boyfriend Denis Asamoah are engaged!

The YouTube beauty guru said “Yes” after an epic surprise proposal from Asamoah, who spared no expense for the special moment.

The couple was vacationing in Santorini, Greece, at the time to celebrate Aina’s 32nd birthday — which was on 4 August. Asamoah decided it was the perfect time to propose, and documented some of the highlights on his Instagram with photos taken by Emilynn Rose.

It was not easy getting @jackieaina up these stairs. It was very tight but we managed to get through so many steps,”  Asamoah reveals about the moments leading up to the proposal, showing Aina blindfolded as he led her to the romantic set-up.

While the proposal took place, he also had a saxophonist playing hits from Aina’s favourite artist, Sade Adu.

This terrace was the perfect setting for a private dinner and proposal,” Asamoah says. “Sade is Jackie’s favourite artist and I had a saxophonist play her favourite hits throughout the night.

Asamoah laughed and reflected on how everything did not go as smoothly as he had planned, but the night still turned out perfectly.

After walking up a number of stairs and Jackie nearly falling into the candles it was at this point, I went down on my bad knees, and took out the ring, and prepare to say my speech,” writes he in a followup post. “Whilst she was dancing to ‘nothing can come between us’ I was struggling to get the ring box out of my pocket. I eventually got there in the end.”

He proposed to Aina with a massive marquise-cut diamond ring, which she later showed off in a video on her own social media.

The day I said yes,” she captions the footage of the large rock glittering on her finger.

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the day I said yes ?

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Reflecting on the proposal, Denis Asamoah reveals he was jittery before the proposal:

I am still over the moon about how smooth the proposal went. I was so anxious beforehand, and I thought my misses was going to find out as I am so clumsy, and I can’t hide shit. Getting the Saxophonist to play all of Sade Adu’s greatest hits was the best decision ever. I would have booked Sade herself, but she was unavailable lol maybe for the wedding who knows. For those wondering why my back looks weird, I was wearing a mic lol

Congratulations to the couple!




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Jackie Aina is engaged! Check out the mammoth diamond ring