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Kanu Nwankwo and wife celebrate 17th wedding anniversary

Kanu Nwankwo and wife celebrate 17th wedding anniversary

Legendary footballer Kanu Nwankwo and wife celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary with a cute throwback photo.

On 3 July 2020, legendary Nigerian footballer, Kanu Nwankwo and his wife, Amara, took to social media to showcase their love.

The couple were celebrating their 17 years wedding anniversary to the joy of fans. Amara shared a cute throwback photo from the early days of their relationship and fans had a lot to say about it.

The photo looked like something from a Nollywood scene where a ‘big boy’ was trying to impress the ‘village beauty’ with his charm and baggy clothes.

She writes: “He said, I have come to marry you. She’s like whaaaaat, why? pls don’t come near me. 17 years on! It’s been a movie since. @kingkanu4 I love you.”

See the post below:

Kanu on the other hand also took to his Instagram and Twitter pages to pen sweet notes to celebrate the occasion of their wedding anniversary.

He said that just like his wife’s name, Amara, she was God’s gift to him and he thanked God for making his dream come true.

See his post below:

Congratulations to the Kanus on their wedding anniversary.

Side note: Kanu mixed up the meaning of “Amara”. Amara means grace. Some people answer “Amarachi” or “”Amarachukwu”, which means God’s grace. The Igbo name that means God’s gift is “Onyinyechi” or “”Onyinyechukwu. We’ll give ‘Papillo’ a pass this time. It was celebration time.

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