South African man pours acid on a lady who dumped him and came back to apologise

A South African man allegedly poured acid on an ex-girlfriend after she ended their relationship for reasons not disclosed


It doesn’t really matter what the reason was but this was, surely, a heinous crime. Attempted murder perhaps? A case of if I can’t have you then no one else should?


Woman gang-raped then had acid poured on her genitals at school


Then he came back to apologise.

Oh really? Like that will make everything alright? Like the pain and trauma will vanish with the words ‘I’m sorry’?

The incident was narrated by Twitter user,  Thando @dlaminimthandos, who also said that it was only a month ago that she attended the funeral of another friend whose baby mama burnt with petrol

It’s a terrifying time that we are in when some people resort to violence when their relationships go sour.


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