BBNaijaReunion: ‘You tried to bully me’ – Kim Oprah attacks Tacha

Kim Oprah attacks Tacha

Kim Oprah and Tacha were another set of drama on the latest BBNaija reunion show as Kim attacks Tacha, accusing her of being a bully.

The duo was on each other’s throats last night as they were involved in what can be tagged a minute argument.

This reunion show has seen Tacha being accused of various things, some of which she blatantly denied.

Kim Oprah who was not too happy with Tacha’s behavior one certain time claimed that Tacha tried to bully and intimidate her after the show just because she got a car.

According to Kim Oprah, Tacha recorded a video on her phone and shamed her for not having a ride at that time.

Kim Oprah then asked Tacha, who denied the allegations, to stop intimidating people and fix her insecurities which will affect her if she continue treading in such a manner.

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  • Why is it so easy to believe that Tacha did that? She also had no problem lying on TV in the past so it’s difficult to believe her. That what happens when your actions chirp at your credibility. I’m inclined to believe Kim over Tacha.