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Coronavirus: These 10 Dont Rush Challenge videos are so good, you’ll want to watch them twice

Coronavirus: These 10 #DontRushChallenge videos are so good, you'll want to watch them twice
For the past few days, people have been cooped up at home during the lockdown because of Coronavirus.

Well, boredom won out at the end and people turned to movies and social media applications like TikTok to pass the time and chase the boredom away.

TikTok has been around for a while but has been used mainly by teenagers and young adults to share dance videos and challenge videos that go viral on the application and sometimes make their way to other applications like Twitter and Instagram.

Among these time passing activities is the Don’t Rush challenge, which has shown that black people (read women) are leading the beauty trend, especially during this pandemic.

The Don’t Rush challenge has people going from their regular stay at home looks to a more dramatic look for leaving home, except that no one actually leaves their house, thanks to the lockdown.

The origins for the challenge are currently unknown, but the challenge has been trending for a few days now and there have been some videos which have stunned social media users.

Check out some of the most popular Don’t Rush challenge videos below:

10. The black YouTube/Instagram influencers version

Black YouTube influencers Ronke Raji, Shalom Blac, and many others came together for a Don’t Rush challenge that was truly wonderful. Many people appreciated the video for the special editing which created awesome transitions and for their special Ankara outfits.

Watch the video below:

9. The black women military edition

Black military women were not left out of the trend as they went from their standard military outfits to their regular clothes, showing off stunning looks and outfits.

Check out their video below:

8. The guys join the challenge

Men were not left out of the Don’t Rush challenge either, as they also came together to shoot a video showing them going from regular clothes to suits and outfits worthy of a night out.

Check out the video below:

7. The bald girls join the Don’t Rush challenge

The nature of the challenge started to diversify and a range of bald women also shared a video compilation of themselves looking glamorous.

These women proved that with or without hair, you can still look every bit as fabulous as you want. See their video below:

6. The doctors join the #Dontrushchallenge

Doctors were not excluded from the challenge as they also took a break from caring for COVID-19 patients and joined in the challenge.

They switched from their uniforms to regular clothes, showing off stunning looks that got a lot of people loving the video.

Watch it below:

5. A solo ‘Don’t Rush challenge’ entry

While many were transforming into more glamorous versions of themselves, this Twitter user decided to work some magic with the brush.

Watch his hilarious video below:

4. An alternative scene ‘Don’t Rush challenge’

Women from the alternative scene also joined in the challenge and this video had several social media users running for a sip of water, or their bibles.

Watch their video below:

3. Women from the Fulani tribe in Nigeria join the challenge

Fulani women are beautiful, something that they showed off in their Don’t Rush challenge. The brush really does work some magic.

Watch their video below:

2. Malian women join the challenge

If you don’t know anything about Malian people, then let this be your first introduction. Malian women jumped on the challenge, going from sit at home clothes to traditional Malian outfits.

All the clothes were beautiful and so were the women. See the video below:

1. The men of the popular TV show, The Men’s Club join the challenge

Efa Iwara, Baaj Adebule, Ayoola Ayolola, and other men from the popular web series, The Men’s Club bowed to pressure and shared a video of them participating in the Don’t Rush challenge.

The video was so good that it impressed fans and satisfied appetites long enough to continue waiting for the next season of The Men’s Club.

Watch their video below:

Which video was your favourite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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