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Dimma Umeh and Chigul do their makeup only in Igbo language and its the most hilarious thing!

dimma umeh chigul
Beauty and lifestyle vlogger, Dimma Umeh teamed up with comedian, Chigul to bring you this hilarious new video.

In this video, the two women do their makeup while speaking completely in their native language: Igbo, and it’s the most hilarious thing.

The video has subtitles so non-Igbo people are not completely lost.

Dimma revealed during the video that she’d been planning the video with Chigul for two years and it’s only just come to fruition. Seriously, we think it’s worth the wait.

Also, the Igbo is not ‘pure’ as there are English words mixed in, but that is something that almost everyone does no matter the language.

Nevertheless, Dimma asks that you not judge nor police, and just enjoy.

Watch the video below: