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I Go Dye postpones 25th anniversary show over coronavirus concerns

I go dye

Popular Nigerian comedian I go dye, who is to celebrate 25 years on stage, with a show postponed due to scares of the coronavirus.

This period calls for concern and sober reflection, it’s a moment of trying times. I can’t be celebrating now,” the comedian writes on his Instagram page.

This has really been a hard time for everyone, both in Nigeria and the world. Everyone has been really scared and trying to take precautions against the virus.

Recently, Nigeria confirmed another five cases of the virus, bringing to eight the total number of confirmed cases of the novel Coronavirus in the country.

I go dye took to his Instagram page to advise his fans to stay safe pending when a cure will be found.

Read his statement lightly edited for clarity:


“My forthcoming Silver (Jubilee) anniversary on stage #igodyestanding, KINGING WITH THE KINGS PLATINUM EDITION, HAS BEEN POSTPONED.

This period calls for concern and sober reflection; it’s a moment of trying times. I can’t be celebrating now. As cases of coronavirus disease continue to be identified in countries around the world, the effort to stem its spread has kept some 290 million students home from school, according to the United Nations, as of Tuesday, 22 February.

I feel for those who are affected globally. We may not be directly affected for now, but there are many people globally that have been put under pressure, fear and threat of sudden death. As I pray for lasting peace, I ask for prayers and goodwill to be shared among us. The lives of our neighbours mean a lot. We should accept this moment as a divine opportunity to show love to one another.

For the sake of my fans, brothers, sisters and all those kept in isolation globally, because of Coronavirus, I share in their pains and I and my partner @primeview_label has decided to put down this celebration because of the cases. I appeal to countries that have created vaccines and working to create a lasting cure to share their discoveries so as to bring back peace and good health to our lives. In Africa, we may not be so lucky with medical advancement and social support, but we can share the little we can as a people, by sharing the information to reduce its (Coronavirus) tendency to spread.

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