Justin Bieber allegedly files $20M defamation suit against sexual assult accusers

'Rumors are rumors but sexual abuse is something I don’t take lightly' - Justin Bieber responds to sexual assault allegations

Popular International singer Justin Bieber has allegedly filed $20 million defamation suit against the two women who accused him of sexual assault.

The singer is definitely not taking the sexual assault allegations lightly as he has gone ahead to sue his accusers.

Recall that a lady had come out on Twitter and claimed that Justin Bieber assaulted her at a hotel in Austin, Texas, on 9 March 2014. She also claimed that she met the pop star at an event in Texas after which she and her friends were invited to his hotel where she was sexually assaulted without consent.

The second accuser claimed that Justin Bieber assaulted her in New York City in 2015 when he was around for the Met Gala.

The singer came out to debunk these claims, stating: “rumours are rumours, but sexual abuse is something I don’t take lightly.”

According to TMZ, Justin is suing both women $10 million each for what he refers to as “malicious claims”.

Part of the suit’s document stated that the singer has “indisputable documentary evidence” that proves the allegations to be “outrageous, fabricated lies.”