Kanye West presidential dream suffers major setback

Kanye West declares interest in presidential race

Rapper Kanye West’s decision to run for president in the US may be dead on arrival as his dream suffers major setback following recent revelations.

This became evident after it was revealed that the rapper missed voter registration deadlines. West missed out on his chance to meet registration deadlines in six states across the country

According to reports by NME, the business mogul missed the voter registration deadline in some states. This means the intending president missed the chance to appear on the ballot paper in six states across the country.

West had taken his fans and followers on social media by surprise after he took to his official Twitter page, on Saturday, July 5th to reveal his intention to run for president.

The rapper in his post noted that he hopes to make a run for the seat of power in November, going up against incumbent President Donald Trump and possible Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

However, the Ye crooner failed to register as an independent candidate in North Carolina by March 3rd, Texas by May 11th and May 26th in New York, Ballotpedia reports.

Similarly, West missed the deadline in Maine set for June 1st, June 25th for New Mexico and June 30th for Indiana.

Ballotpedia further reported that the rapper is still eligible to register in states such as South Carolina, Florida, Missouri, Colorado and Michigan where the deadlines fall in July.

West donated $2 million (N776.4m) to support the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor.

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  • Kanye West is a brat. He knows he’s going there to take away votes from the other candidates especially from Joe Biden. Tell him to go drink Cool aid and chill.