Netflix plans to curtail password sharing

Image showing netflix name, white font on red background

Netflix wants to limit the number of people you can share your password with.

That’s because the current practice where a subscriber can share their password Infinitum is actually counter to the streaming giant’s business model. Netflix prefers every user to have it’s own Netflix account because obviously, that means more revenue. Its current practice is to allow a subscriber to share his or her password without limit, however, only four screens can stream at any one time.

But they are reviewing the practice and users should be prepared for changes in the way they share their passwords.

However, Netflix plans to do it in “consumer-friendly ways” says Netflix’s chief product officer, Greg Peters.

Peter said this when the topic came up during the Q3 2019 earning interview, according to several news outlets. That’s because Netflix wishes to avoid alienating its current user base and will continue to monitor the situation or so Peters said. However, there are big plans to make an announcement immediately.

But with the imminent stiff competition from new platforms such as Disney +, Apple+ as well as older competitors such as Amazon, HBO, Hulu, amongst others, it’s unlikely that any change would be drastically different from the current practice because of other choices that are available to consumers. Any change that would potentially result in customers paying more could potentially prove costly to Netflix. It’s not a monopoly even if it boasts of some exclusive content, as all its competitor does, so it’s only common sense for Netflix to “continue to monitor” and look at the situation closely.