3 signs you might be dating a scammer by Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa during Toke Moments - sidomexentertainment.com.png

This week in her vlog series Toke Moments, media personality Toke Makinwa is talking about relationship “Scammers”.

She wants you to know the tell-tale signs should you come in contact with one. So to help you, Toke Makinwa identifies three traits that can potentially help you identify them.

According to her, one of the signs that you might be dealing with a scammer is if they’re secretive. Toke says not to confuse that with being private as they mean two different things. If they’re hiding the relationship it doesn’t qualify as being private and is a reason for concern. Per Toke Makinwa, you can’t date anybody that no one knows. “It’s not possible, she maintains, adding: “You have to ask questions” to know who they are.

Toke Makinwa also says to crosscheck what the person told you after some time by asking them those questions you asked them at the beginning of the relationship. That’s because many people tend to embellish if not lie when they meet someone new. By Toke’s logic, by going back to the beginning, it would help you verify what was true and what was not. She recommends giving at least a 3-month window before doing this.

Finally, Toke says that if someone you’re dating is very vague about things they should be open about, it is a sign he or she may be a scammer. She gave examples as not being open about “who their family members are and where they grew up.” Toke Makinwa calls such people “spirit“. She explains: Spirits are people “who come intentionally to fuck up your life.

In her caption of the episode, the media personality whose birthday comes early next month, writes:

This week we talk about the difference between being secretive and being private. In the name of secrecy, a lot of people have been scammed. You can date privately without the secrecy which can lead to you dating a ghost.”

Watch the episode of Toke Moments below and share your thoughts with us.