Here’s why Tonto Dikeh is seeking advice from her followers

Tonto Dikeh

Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh has taken to her Instagram Story to seek advice from her fans on how to handle the financial demands of her staff.

According to the actress, at the start of the lockdown, she gave all her 28 staff members enough provision to last them for two months as well pay their three months salary.

Recently, she received a call from one of them, who spoke for the others, stating that they no longer have food. So, Tonto decided to seek the advice of her fans on the issue.

Taking to her Instagram story, Tonto Dikeh writes: “At the beginning of lockdown I got all my 28 staff provision to last them 2 months, I also asked them to resume on June 1st and I’m paying them salaries for COVID-19 stay home salary for 3 months for working from home which they don’t anyways…

“Do I need to still buy them provisions?? Because 1 of them (spokesperson) just called and said King our food is finished. Do I give or this is a sign of entitlement and future danger??

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