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Trailer Thursday: Learn more about sickle cell disease in ‘The Journey of the S’

Trailer Thursday: Learn more about sickle cell disease in 'The Journey of the S'
Its another Trailer Thursday, where we share the most exciting movies every week with you in readiness for the weekend.

This week’s movie is one that seeks to educate the public about sickle cell patients and the struggles that they face in their daily lives, as well as their families and friends.

Its synopsis reads: This movie brings you into the reality of what sickle cell is about. If you have ever been in doubt, confused or less informed about sickle cell, this movie addresses all that.

The purpose is not just to tell but to also show the realities of sickle cell warrior. Having the disease does not stop your existence or achievements, or your chance to love. In other words, Sickle cell is not a death sentence but ignorance and denial can be.

It was directed by Hafeez Adeyemi and stars Nollywood veterans, Binta Mogaji, Ejike Asiegbu, Ronnie Dikko, Tony Goodman, and others like Tinu Omisore, Chuks Chyke, among others.

The movie director, Hafeez Adeyemi is a sickle cell warrior and according to the movie’s website, he thought that most movies do not accurately portray the reality of sickle cell, merely the idea of the condition.

Because of this, he sought to make a movie to show the realities of sickle cell patients.

He said:

“Sickle cell is a broad subject matter and no one has been able to tell the story like it should be told.

“There are few sickle cell movies out there that were shot based on the idea of sickle cell as opposed to its reality, which simply means the narrative is told from the perspective of someone who knows about it and not that of who lives with it. Someone who has a first-hand experience when it comes to Sickle cell Anemia.”

The Journey of the S will show in Silverbird cinemas nationwide from Friday, 13 March.

Check out the trailer below and let us know if you will be watching the movie.