Where is your result? – Nigerians drag Sydney Talker on Twitter

Sydney Talker

Nigerian comedian Sydney Talker had taken to his Twitter handle to share his alleged experience with the NCDC.

According to the comedian, the NCDC had refused to test him for Coronavirus despite showing symptoms. He alleged he was refused the test based on his travel history and known contacts.

Following the public calling out, the comedian was contacted by NCDC who administered the test to him.

Thereafter, Sydney talker announced that he had finally been tested and was awaiting his results.

Well, since then, Nigerians have been waiting eagerly for the test results but so far, no news has been gotten from the comedian.

You should trust Nigerians to follow up on you when they show you care, especially since they obviously seem to have nothing else to do since the beginning of the lockdown.

Nigerians have taken to Twitter to drag Sydney with the hashtag #sydneyweyyourresult. Some of them are beginning to believe that he probably was trying to get attention earlier.

See some of their various reactions below:


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