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Piers Morgan goes ghetto on a Nigerian Twitter user

Piers Morgan
British media personality Piers Morgan insulted a Nigerian in pidgin English as they argued about the match between Nigeria and Argentina in the 2018 World cup in Russia.

During the game, Piers didn’t agree with the video assistant referee (VAR) when the machine gave Nigeria a penalty kick after Leon Balogun was fouled. Pierce said the VAR had failed and there was no way that was a penalty because it was the Nigerian player who leaned in and dived.

Piers tweeted: “VAR fails again. No way was that a penalty. Leaned in & dived.

But a Nigerian on Twitter felt he was being biased and called him out. Emmanuel Babalola tweeted back at Piers: “If it is England or Argentina the VAR is correct right? But now it’s Nigeria, the VAR has failed. You are such a racist!

Piers replied in perfect pidgin. “Emmanuel you dey craze,” he tweets.